Tips to Get Started Fly Fishing

fly fishing

Fly fishing can seem pretty intimidating when an angler first decides to pick it up and give it a go. Whereas regular rod and reel fishing can be a little more relaxed, fly fishing requires all the patience you’re used to utilizing plus a whole lot more technical prowess.

Here are some basic tips to help any beginning fly fishermen settle into the style and get the most out of their trips.

1Know Your Equipment and Assemble it Correctly

Fly rods need to be built and broken down all the time. Graphite rods are almost exclusively built that way. Match the tip and butt sections of each piece and secure them with a one-quarter turn. Twist them together until the guides line up. Oh yea, those metal things sticking out of your rod? Those are guides. The metal portion at the bottom that you grab? That’s the butt. Guess what goes in the reel seat? You guessed it, the reel. The reel hangs beneath the rod where one of the feet to the reel slides right into an opening located on the seat. The other side will have a piece of metal that slides over the other foot of the reel itself while keeping the reel on the rod butt. Then you make sure you engage the locking ring to secure the whole thing as one