Vote for Dogs2DogTags in Healthy Paws’ Rescue Race!


The race is on! Vote for Dogs2DogTags in the Healthy Paws’ Rescue Race for a chance at a $20,000 grant to help Veterans and dogs in need.

Dogs 2 Dog Tags rescues shelter dogs and trains them to be companion or service animals, then pairs them with Veterans suffering from PTSD, free of charge. They provide health checks, spay-neuter and comprehensive training. Grants like this one allow Dogs2DogTags save more lives of dogs and Veterans.


“We are a completely volunteer organization,” reads D2DT’s Facebook page. “Winning this race means every dollar will impact a dog, and in turn a Veteran. It’s really a two-for-one on every dollar we win!” 


Visit the Healthy Paws’ Rescue Race website and Click to Vote for Dogs 2 Dog Tags!

dogs 2 dog tags