Top 26 Jet Ski Accessories: Essentials & Extras

jet ski accessories

There are so many jet ski accessories out on the market – must-haves, just for fun, handy, etc. This list covers many considered essential and practical, but a bunch are just fun extras! Each will definitely guarantee a better experience out on the water in their own capacity. BONUS: These are great jet ski accessories, but are also great for hiking, camping, off-roading or any sort of outdoor adventuring!


A good anchor is essential. There are several types of jet ski anchors, but the best choice for most people is theĀ Airhead Folding Anchor because it takes up very little room and is relatively hassle free. Other anchors, like the sand anchor or screw anchor system, work well, but may require a little more work than a folding anchor does. It all depends on the situation and personal preference.