Top 10 Nature Webcams for Your Quarantainment

nature webcams

You’re outside every chance you get, but there are times when you have no choice but to stay indoors. It could be anything from a rainy weekend to some unforeseen event, but sometimes you’re just couchbound. One of our favorite ways to pass the time is live webcams from scenic locations around the world. There’s something special about watching it live because the thrill of discovery still exists. If something unique happens, you’ll still be the first to see it (along with whoever is there in person). 

Here are our top ten webcams for outdoor enthusiasts

If you’ve been lucky enough to see the Northern lights, you know how surreal the experience is. It looks like a fantasy world that can’t possibly be real, yet there it is. Another bonus of this webcam? You just might see a polar bear out for a walk.