Tips to Get Started Fly Fishing


Fly fishing can seem pretty intimidating when an angler first decides to pick it up and give it a go. Whereas regular rod and reel fishing can be a little more relaxed, fly fishing requires all the patience you’re used to utilizing plus a whole lot more technical prowess.

Here are some basic tips to help any beginning fly fishermen settle into the style and get the most out of their trips.

5Dress the Part

There’s a common theme surrounding how all the best fly fishermen dress: Keep it subtle. Bright colors or white clothing can seriously hamper someone’s ability to “hide” from fish who all too easily get spooked and startled by loud or bright objects and animals. Typical fly fishing clothes should focus around earth and muted tones that more naturally blend with their environment. So be sure to leave the graphic tees at home. Layering is always recommended along with particular pieces of clothing like turtlenecks under fleece jackets.