Tips to Get Started Fly Fishing


Fly fishing can seem pretty intimidating when an angler first decides to pick it up and give it a go. Whereas regular rod and reel fishing can be a little more relaxed, fly fishing requires all the patience you’re used to utilizing plus a whole lot more technical prowess.

Here are some basic tips to help any beginning fly fishermen settle into the style and get the most out of their trips.

2Make Sure You Know Some Basic Knots

The longer anyone fishes, the greater their knowledge of knot tying gets. It’s just a fact. That said, if you’re new to fishing at all or simply just new to fly fishing, you need to have a few basics down. Learn and master the surgeons knot, the clinch and the improved clinch.  Those should be enough to get you on your feet as you begin to master some more complicated knots. While most rods and lines come with those tiny booklets that help teach you a little, always use the opportunity to learn directly from other fly fishermen when you hear them swear by a knot you’ve never learned yourself.