Petco’s 4Outdoors Featuring Dogs2DogTags: Episode 10 – Brett Favre meets Matthew Moore

After his second tour in Afghanistan, Matthew Moore was combat wounded in an IED explosion and forced to medically retire from the United States Marine Corps.

Matthew was no longer able to do what he loved and couldn’t fulfill his dream of being a United States Marine.  After being forced to retire, losing one of his close friends and dealing with bad headaches, Matthew fell into a state of depression.

A doctor suggested a therapy dog, so Matthew reached out to Dogs2Dogtags.

Matthew says that his dog, Gambino, was a life saver.  The dog brought meaning and drive back into his life and helped Matthew become a positive, contributing member of society again.  Matthew entered the workforce and got his life back on track.


“There’s nothing that can’t be solved with a tennis ball and five minutes in the backyard with the dog,” said Matthew.  “Dogs don’t need an explanation of what’s wrong. No matter how bad it is, the dog loves you. If you wake up in the middle of the night screaming, the dog reminds you that it will be ok”.

Matthew currently attends Fairmont State University, where there are 197 other veteran students.

Sandy Corwin, the Veterans Outreach Director at Fairmont State University is honored to be the first recipient of a university placement dog, Tobey.

Tobey serves all Veterans in ways that can’t be explained.  His placement with Fairmont State University has already made a positive impact on their Veteran students.

Please consider becoming a donor to Dogs2Dogtags. Your donation gives these veterans more than just a companion dog. It gives them the unwavering love and support that only man’s best friend can. Go to today to pledge your help and support.

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About Dogs2DogTags: Torre’s Story

The idea for Dogs2DogTags came to Torre Willadsen when he was deployed as a civilian contractor working with military dogs in 2012. During his time with the 7th Marines, he developed close bonds with dogs and dog handlers alike, and when dog handler Chris Van Etten was wounded, Torre worked hard to help keep Chris and his dog Harley together during Chris’ recovery. Torre suspected—and then saw firsthand—the profound effect a canine companion could have on a wounded man’s frame of mind at a difficult time. And that’s when Torre knew that he wanted to bring that kind of unconditional support to those back home struggling with post-traumatic stress.