Jake Meets Andrew:

Host and Hall Of Fame Quarterback Brett Favre has the honor of introducing former US Marine Andrew Ghabel to his new service dog Jake. Tune in to watch the team as they get to know each other.

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About the Series:

Petco‘s 4 Outdoors Featuring Dogs2Dogtags is hosted by Hall Of Fame Quarterback Brett Favre. This multi-part series documents the process of pairing veterans with service dogs to create a team that supports one another. The mission of D2DT is to pair a service dog in need of a home with a veteran in need of unconditional love and support. Because they know that a veteran’s battles aren’t always over when he or she returns home and that a dedicated service dog, provided at no cost, can be one of the simplest and most effective ways in which we can all stand by these brave men and women.

Learn more, get involved and consider donating to Dogs2DogTags here. Help a veteran who can benefit from a service or companion dog and increase their quality of life.

About Dogs2DogTags: Torre’s Story

The idea for Dogs2DogTags came to Torre Willadsen when he was deployed as a civilian contractor working with military dogs in 2012. During his time with the 7th Marines, he developed close bonds with dogs and dog handlers alike, and when dog handler Chris Van Etten was wounded, Torre worked hard to help keep Chris and his dog Harley together during Chris’ recovery. Torre suspected—and then saw firsthand—the profound effect a canine companion could have on a wounded man’s frame of mind at a difficult time. And that’s when Torre knew that he wanted to bring that kind of unconditional support to those back home struggling with post-traumatic stress.