In this episode of Petco’s 4Outdoors Featuring Dogs2Dogtags, we meet Chris Legg, a 34-year-old National Guard Cavalry Scout, medic and a former civilian police officer. Chris Legg deals with severe PTSD after a shootout killed two troopers while they were all on duty together. The troopers were two of Chris’ best friends. During the shootout, Chris shot and killed the suspect.

One month after the incident, Chris Legg retired from the police force. He later returned to the place where his friends died… ready to commit suicide. Fortunately, his First Sergeant was able to talk Chris down and get him into the VA for treatment.

After receiving Kiki, his support dog who was rescued and trained to help him deal with PTSD, Chris now fights for another cause…to help others dealing with PTSD. Chris believes that having a dog helps him through down days and tough times.

Join host and Hall of Fame Quarterback Brett Favre as he speaks with Chris about his journey and what lies ahead.

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About Dogs2DogTags: Torre’s Story

The idea for Dogs2DogTags came to Torre Willadsen when he was deployed as a civilian contractor working with military dogs in 2012. During his time with the 7th Marines, he developed close bonds with dogs and dog handlers alike, and when dog handler Chris Van Etten was wounded, Torre worked hard to help keep Chris and his dog Harley together during Chris’ recovery. Torre suspected—and then saw firsthand—the profound effect a canine companion could have on a wounded man’s frame of mind at a difficult time. And that’s when Torre knew that he wanted to bring that kind of unconditional support to those back home struggling with post-traumatic stress.