ATV Gear: Top 5 Items For Your Glove Box

Rick Sosebee, Contributor

atv gear

Getting the family out into the trail is a fun and exciting thought as the workday winds down. There are many items we all carry with us from coolers to spare tires, but with the limited space inside the glove box, the choices have to be a little more calculated. Finding cool products that will come in handy on the trail, as well as possibly sustain you should the unthinkable happen, takes a little time. I’ve narrowed a huge list of ATV gear down to five essential items that will not only fit in the glove box, but hopefully add to your off-road experience.

1First Aid Kit:

Whether you ride in a group or just with a buddy, the very first ATV gear consideration for any trail ride should be personal safety. How will you help yourself or another rider should you get into any physical trouble on the trail? Keeping a small compact first aid kit on hand should really be a no-brainer. First Aid kits have come a long way, and some are very compact. The idea here is to be able to handle any immediate injuries until you can get professional help.  Companies like My Medic have developed incredible kits that are not only compact but also contain many great safety products.