Saturday, September 21, 2019
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Chasin’ the Sun – Presenting Your Presentation

Does a detailed plan or a “go with the flow” approach give anglers the best chance for a successful fishing trip? If the guides...

Chasin’ the Sun – Grouper On

Having a strategy for your fishing trip is a good idea but, when nature doesn't cooperate, it's time to make some adjustments. That's the...

Chasin’ the Sun – Structure + Birds = Fun!

Co-host Justin Leake teams up with fellow Panama City Beach fishing guide Jordan Todd, who brings along his trusty companion Murphy, a Labrador retriever...
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Chasin’ the Sun – Stone Cold Crabbing

Rods and reels get left behind when the Chasin’ the Sun crew gets an old school, hands-on lesson in harvesting stone crab claws –...

Chasin’ the Sun – Secluded Bounty

Redfish cruise the coastline and military jets streak across the sky as Capt. Justin Leake and Capt. Travis Holeman enjoy a beautiful but challenging...

Chasin’ the Sun – Redfish Cloaked

On this episode of Chasin’ the Sun, a winter wind blows through Panama City Beach, bringing with it new challenges for hosts Justin Leake...
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Chasin’ the Sun – Paddle Therapy

On this episode of Chasin’ the Sun, hosts Justin Leake and Travis Holeman set out for the marshy flats near Panama City Beach in...
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Chasin’ the Sun – Jet Setting Jacks

Hooks, lines and sinkers are necessary equipment for fishing, but when they end up interfering with the life of a sea turtle, the results...
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Chasin’ the Sun – Tarpon is as Tarpon Does

What starts as a family outing turns into the experience of a lifetime for Capt. Justin Leake when he swims with a school of...
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Chasin’ the Sun – From the Keys to Panama City Beach

In this episode of Chasin' the Sun, Capt. Travis Holeman has left the Florida Keys ahead of Hurricane Irma, but makes the best of...